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Driving license financing for apprentices is a bit more expensive than a bank loan at the driving school, learner drivers should know. The start-help is available from us, where you can also purchase your driver’s license. Employees, the self-employed, pensioners, apprentices, students and housewives can be financed. Simple application – confidential advice from FinanzFair – competent help in all banking matters – financing even after the beginning of driving school education The driver license financing can be taken over by the trainees through their driving school, most driving schools provide appropriate credit offers. They thus deviate from the usual standards that banks apply for the financing requirements of the trainees.

Driver’s license financing


The overdraft facility of an account should not be used to finance the driver’s license. Frequently, interest rates are many times higher than for a standard installment loan. If you are under the age of 18, you must financially support and assist another party. Do not accept the first bid right away, but compare loan offers from different banks and providers.

There are several ways to finance your driving license: you can arrange a down payment with the school, take out a regular tee-off credit or use a variable installment loan to finance your driving license. However, it is not always easy for teenage motorists without their own money to make a loan application. Driving license financing is a big task for many people.

They are high and increase rapidly when more hours of driving time are required than previously thought or when the ride is not run on the first try. Often, the mothers or grandparents come in and help with the financing, but even that is not always easy. Therefore, it is often a good idea to get a driver’s license with a loan.

First save a long time for the driver’s license

First save a long time for the driver

Especially if there is just enough time for theory and driving lessons, which may not be the case later. It is then not advisable to first save a long time for the driver’s license. Another reason for a driving license loan is that it is difficult when the cash expires during the training for driving school and the driving lessons until reimbursement fails.

First, you can ask your school if a partial payment is possible there. You may be able to make individual arrangements and you can pay in installments without incurring interest and increasing your overall expenses. One should be able to rely on the financing arrangements and do not have to worry about reimbursement of expenses incurred earlier than expected.

Meanwhile, some driver training also cooperate with credit institutions and provide special driver license financing. This is in principle a regular installment loan, but is arranged by driver education. This has the great advantage: you will be looked after in your application and you are welcome to contact the driver training personally if you have any questions. Of course you are also welcome to address us.

The loan amount is in many cases directly transferred to the driver training.

The loan amount is in many cases directly transferred to the driver training.

In such a financial model, the loan amount is in many cases directly transferred to the driver training. If the budget is less than the training costs of the driver’s license, the remaining amount will be refunded by the school, otherwise the amount of the credit can be increased. If financing from a driving school partner is of interest to you, you should inquire about the conditions and compare them with other providers, ie with installment loans from other banks.

Remember that this can be difficult if you are not satisfied with your driver and want to change the school or if the company becomes insolvent. Of course, you can also seek a loan yourself and thus co-finance your driver’s license. This is usually a regular rate or a consumer credit that is not usually earmarked.

But just because many driving students are still very small and have little or no money of their own, it is difficult for them to submit a loan application to a bank or savings bank. For example, a non-promissory note loan that refers to the Bank’s creditworthiness may be interesting, but it also carries significantly higher interest rates and there are some dubious lenders in this environment.

You should therefore check if there are any other options, such as a member of your family acting as a guarantor or raising the loan for you. Driver’s licenses are often more expensive than expected: normally the expenses amount to at least 1,000 USD, but in most cases they are much larger.

Big advantage of driving license financing

Big advantage of driving license financing

The big advantage of driving license financing over loans is obvious: driving lessons can be financially completely detached, so that you can not save at the wrong end or hesitate too long. You can start training right away if it fits in your schedule, and you do not have to come up with the cost of training.

You can also take advantage of discounts at your school if you pay large sums of money at once, for example, by subscribing to a package deal with several lessons. The license financing differs from other purchases and should therefore meet certain conditions. When financing your driving license, you should note the following:

This mainly concerns the low interest rates. The price of the loan is very interest dependent, which is why a balance should always be worthwhile here. Adequate loan amount: It is not always easy to find the right loan amount when financing a driver’s license, as the amount of expenditure can not be estimated. The price depends on the extent you already have, for example by saving or helping relatives.

Therefore, calculate the expected cost and subtract your existing equity from its value. It is better to set the prices a bit too high, so that you do not miss the necessary small change just before the practice exam. If it is relatively short, the monthly payments are larger, but the repayment is also faster and the expenditure is lower, since the interest payments must be made only for a short period of time.

It is advisable to consider the free special payment for the driver’s license. This will allow you to repay the loan more quickly if you have unforeseen excess or if your license is cheaper than expected. This also reduces the total cost of financing. You should refrain from financing your driver’s license for the overdraft granted to you on your current account.

Although this need not be specifically requested and can be accessed quickly, but also the interest rates have increased significantly and the overall financing costs as a result. In addition, you have probably used up your budget for months and can not respond to possible financing bottlenecks or unpredictable costs. If you want to maintain a certain level of flexibility and are therefore considering the possibility of overdrafting as a financing option, a framework loan can be a good option.

Only the amounts used by you earn interest.

Only the amounts used by you earn interest.

For driver’s license finance this has the advantage that you only have to pay interest on services paid at the school and you have not used too much credit if the license is to become cheaper. The interest rate is lower than an overdraft and higher than a part payment loan.

However, due to the high level of flexibility, it may be possible to recover some of the higher level of debt financing than if you took out a installment loan that you would have accepted for funding. However, the interest rate differs from ─ the rate of installment loan. The framework loan is particularly suitable if the amount of expenditure is very difficult for you to estimate or if you have anticipated a quick repayment.

Then the rising interest rates are less likely and less costly for you. But even students who have not met the requirements can borrow their driver’s license with a loan. If you are under the age of 18, you are not fully contractworthy and must still apply for the loan from another party.

This applies both to credit institutions as well as to the financing by driving school and bank in agreement.