Credit for start-ups without collateral

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Start-ups usually have a hard time financing their business projects. The risk of starting a business is too great and many start-ups do not have the necessary collateral to secure debt financing. However, banks only lend money if they can expect to get that money back. But without collateral no credit – unfortunately. However, the Nice bank can not only provide guarantees, but also has a great deal of knowledge about start-ups.

Business founders: Loans without collateral with the “Guarantee without Bank” support program 57

Business founders: Loans without collateral with the "Guarantee without Bank" support program 57

Start-ups generally find it difficult to refinance their corporate projects. Credit institutions are very reluctant to lend. The start-up risk is too high and many start-ups do not have the necessary collateral to secure external funding. The whole family does not always enter to persuade the house bank with a guarantee.

Alternatively, there is the sponsorship program “guarantee without bank” of the LandesNice banken. To finance a business start-up, the founders have three sources of financing or financing options: the bank loan, a promotional loan from a state bank, federal, state and other funding. Subsidized loans (such as through the Intrasavings) are of little interest to credit institutions, as they, as so-called “house bank”, only pass on the loans, ie earn almost nothing from them.

As a result, settlement is often delayed and the bank is not very active in the interest of the founder. The quality and informative value of the business plan for start-up companies is decisive for lending. Most credit institutions assume that they have had enough time to consider the issue before the consultation date.

The banker is neither involved in the genius of a business idea nor in the profit to the target groups – it is only about whether sufficient profit is made, in order to repay the credit quickly and reliably. If an unpolluted property is used as a pledge, it is of course no obstacle to get a loan.

Experience has shown that the 3 P’s are crucial for the company’s success: Together.

Experience has shown that the 3 P

If there is insufficient collateral, the guarantee banks of the countries can intervene. Under the guarantee without banks (BoB) program, the guarantee bank reviews the business plan without consulting a house bank. In any case, you should be well prepared before approaching a house bank with a conceptual approach – in addition to the streamlined business plan, this includes intensive information on all funding opportunities and financing options.